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South Tyrolean stallions 2021


Armani-A RM11135

2019 Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts: RUNNER-UP

Aleno-T BZ27606
Year of birth 2017
Evaluation IB-very good
Index – Total Breeding Value 7,3
Height at withers 149 cm
% arab blood 0,19 %
2021 Breeding station Bosc da Plan
Giovanni Crazzolara
via Boscdaplan 182
39036 La Villa/Stern
Tel. (+39) 0471 847063

Price for serving:   € 200,00.- (Fed. members)
                                 € 250,00.- (non-members)
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Großer Erfolg für Südtiroler Fahrer

Haflinger Sport

South Tyrol Haflinger Foal Auction

Thank you!
1st South Tyrol Haflinger Championship foals auction

Siegerehrung Endlauf Herbstagalopprennen 2021

New magnet for equestrian sports fans
2021 Haflinger Sports Days in Merano/Meran

Fohlenchampionat 2021

Curtains up for the latest Haflinger generations!
19th South Tyrolean Foal Championship with 2021 Young Horses Championship

EUCH 2021

Meet the 2021 European Haflinger Champions!
Notable success for South Tyrolean participants

1st live auction of South Tyrol Haflinger Championship foals with online bidding

1st live auction of South Tyrol Haflinger Championship foals

2021 Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests for Haflinger mares in Egna/Neumarkt


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