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South Tyrolean stallions 2024


Adlerfels II HU-B BZ29648

Adlerfels II HU-B BZ29648
2021 Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts – Winner

Alonso 040003824265220

Alonso 040003824265220
Young 1st-class stallion from the A bloodline with an interesting pedigree and very good gaits

Alpenbue - I BZ22495

Alpenbue-I BZ22495
IB – very good

Ariat 040004720010820

Ariat 040004720010820
Beautiful stallion, performance test's winner

Arie Van de Kieviet 040003824243620

Arie Van de Kievit 040003824243620
Sporty, modern stallion with a promising pedigree

Aristus V. Baumann-E BZ30883

Aristus V. Baumann-E BZ30883
1st-class colt from the A-bloodline with very good gaits

Atlantis-D BZ30468

Atlantis-D BZ30468
Young stallion with plenty of type and harmony – 2023 National Selection's runner-up


Bananajou-A BZ29243
2020 Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts: WINNER

Benz-E BZ30622

Benz-E BZ30622
Winner stallion with plenty of type and harmony and very good gaits

Mendocino-OT-D BZ30479

Mendocino-OT-D BZ30479
Young stallion with plenty of harmony from the rare M bloodline


Nostalgie liz. 451/T
2012 Colt Selection in Tyrol: WINNER

Santo Antares-C de Imana TN13317

Santo Antares-C de Imana TN13317
Performance-tested stallion with very good character

Showdown Liz. 592/T

Showdown Liz. 592/T
Plenty of type and very good gaits

Steingold-E BZ30759

Steingold-E BZ30759
ST-bloodline stallion with an impressive pedigree

Steinprinz TM-A BZ29249

Steinprinz TM-A BZ29249
2020 Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts: RUNNER-UP

Stern PB-D BZ30621

Stern PB-D BZ30261
Sire: Sternwächter

Sterndeuter-W-E BZ30784

Sterndeuter-W-E BZ30784
ST-bloodline stallion with plenty of harmony

Sternwächter 040003003606810

Sternwächter liz. 472/T
The world-renowned stallion


Stubenkönig liz. 572/T
2022 Selections of Haflinger Colts in Belgium and the Netherlands: WINNER

Waldmeister-T BZ27609

Winterstern-O BZ25226
2010 Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts: 3rd place

Waldmeister-T BZ27609

Wintersturm BZ400X
IB – very good

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