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Festive anniversary show in Sarentino/Sarnthein

Val Sarentino/Sarntal Haflinger Breeders’ Association turns 115

2021 Aptitude tests

On Saturday 18 May 2024, the Val Sarentino/Sarntal Haflinger Breeders’ Association hosted a grand event to celebrate its 115th anniversary – complete with an impressive show featuring its members’ horses. The valley is a historic breeding region, and its breeders have contributed significantly to the evolution of the South Tyrolean Haflinger.

In the Val Sarentino/Sarntal valley, Haflingers are still a key component of both every-day life and special celebrations – and the high status it enjoys here was reflected in the festive attire of the presenters, all of whom wore their traditional, beautifully embellished local costumes that are unique to the valley.

Many guests of honour attended the 115th anniversary celebrations, including Federation Chairman Manfred Canins, mayor Christian Reichsigl, local MP Franz Locher, the Provincial Councillor for Agriculture and Tourism, Luis Walcher, as well as former Chairmen Georg Kofler and Erich Messner.

The crowds were treated to magnificent sights, starting with the parade through the centre of Sarentino/Sarnthein. The horses presented in the show, too, were a feast for the eyes: From a total ten show categories, three horses each were selected, until in the end all that was left was a final ring consisting of the winners and reserve winners of each category – from which the three most beautiful horses were again selected. No easy task for judges Hans Schiller and Günter Dejori!

A big compliment goes out to Association Chairman Albert Spiess for organising such an impressive anniversary celebration together with the Association members.

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Festive anniversary show in Sarentino/Sarnthein

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