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The Noriker is one of the oldest European horse breeds. It is named after the Roman province of Noricum and originated in the Austrian State of Salzburg.

In South Tyrol, Noriker breeding has a long tradition – especially in the Pusteria/Pustertal valley and the dales branching off of it, for instance the Badia/Gadertal valley.

While the lower Pusteria/Pustertal valley has long favoured the heavy Noriker variety that tended towards the Pinzgauer breed, the remainder of South Tyrol has typically opted for a lighter variation of the Oberländer type. That way, each valley has developed its own special characteristics – a fact that is especially apparent in the Val Sarentino/Sarntal valley, where Noriker breeding is considerably influenced by the Haflinger breed.

Speaking of local peculiarities: Thanks to their outstanding commitment to both breeding and organising shows, the Monguelfo/Welsberg and Versciaco/Vierschach breeders' associations have had a considerable impact on Noriker breeding in South Tyrol.

History Norkier
Noriker history



Characteristics Noriker


For mares, the optimum height at the withers lies between 156 and 162 cm, with cannon bones ideally measuring from 22 to 25 cm in circumference.

Stallions should measure between 158 and 165 cm at the withers, with cannon bones ranging from 22 to 25 cm in circumference.


Head: lean and true to type, with a good-natured expression, attentive eyes and marked nobility.
Neck: strong and well-set, of medium length. Not too muscular in the lower neck region.
Forehand: sloping, with muscular shoulders, a sufficiently wide and deep chest and visible withers.
Midsection (barrel): adequately long and deep, with a firm but elastic back that is well-connected to the forehand and hindquarters. Sufficient spring of rib and a fairly long hind rib section.
Hindquarters: well-developed, sufficiently long, broad and well-moulded croup with plenty of muscles.
Foundation: strong, correct, lean with well-developed joints and tough hooves.

Basic gaits

: even, striding movements at a walk. Supple, energetic and elastic action at a trot with surety of rhythm, good scope and correct movement. Powerful, swinging action at a canter.


The Noriker is a medium-heavy mountain draught horse with a correct and refined foundation.


Noriker horses are known for their wide range of characteristic colours: black, bay, chestnut/sorrels, bay roan, red roan, blue roan and with pied/Tobiano or leopard patterns in a vast variety of hues and markings.


Character and abilities
Norikers are balanced, calm and easy to handle, eager to work and learn and never lethargic. They master all sorts of terrain in a sure-footed and agile manner, are well-suited for driving and riding and excellent draught horses. The breed is characterised by its good health and fertility.


Blood lines
All stallions can be traced back to five sire lines: Vulkan, Nero, Schaunitz, Diamant and Elmar.


Noriker breed


The Noriker breed is an appealing draught horse famous for its sure-footed nature, its well-tempered character and a great willingness to learn and perform.

Historically, it was bred to transport heavy goods and pull large loads. To this day, it is used as a workhorse in modern-day forestry, especially for logging in ecologically sensitive areas.

In recent times, Norikers have made a name for themselves as versatile riding and driving horses whose movements have plenty of scope and a smooth, clear rhythm. Their sure-footedness has also earned them an ever-increasing popularity as a leisure riding horse for all kinds of terrain.


In South Tyrol, the Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders has taken Noriker breeders under its wing.

The stud book is orientated on the principles for Noriker breeding as defined by the Landespferdezuchtverband Salzburg, the horse breeders' federation of the Land Salzburg in Austria.

Breeding Noriker
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