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  • The new Haflinger bookBook
    "The new Haflinger book"
    25.00 Euro
  • Jacket - WomenJacket – Women black/blue
    "Original Haflinger Südtirol"
    98.00 Euro
  • Jacket - MenJacket – Men black/blue
    "Original Haflinger Südtirol"
    98.00 Euro
  • CapCap – beige/red
    "Original Haflinger Südtirol"
    7.00 Euro
  • CapCap – dark grey/red
    "Haflinger-Europachampionat 2018"
    5.00 Euro
  • CapCap – beige/blue
    "140 Jahre Haflinger"
    5.00 Euro
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2022 Calendar
All Haflinger and Noriker Events

Großer Erfolg für Südtiroler Fahrer

Haflinger Sport

Ausstellungen April-Mai 2022

Anniversary shows
Young, thriving and rich in tradition

Stammbucheintragung 2022

2022 Stud Book Registration
An all-round success

VVS 2022

2022 General Assembly of the Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders​ in Terlano/Terlan
Things are going well!

Haflinger News

Out now: Haflinger News!
Topics and reading samples

44. Landesmeisterschaft im Schlittenrennen und Skijöring

Sleigh Racing and Skijoring County Championship
Equestrian sports: back on track at long last!

2022 Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts

2022 Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts
All results
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