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2023 Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts and Stallion Parade

2023 Hengstkörung-Sieger
Winner STELVIO-D BZ30268 (from right; owner: Alois Schweigkofler from Renon/Ritten) and runner-up ATLANTIS-D BZ30468 (owner: Helmut Telser from Lasa/Laas)

Facts and figures

28 Haflinger colts – 25 of which from South Tyrol – were registered for this year’s Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts in Egna/Neumarkt. Out of the 28, a total 24 were presented at the licensing event held on 04 February. Nine of them were rated first-class (IB). 
The Noriker colts Gandalf-Diamant and Mister-Nero were both rated IIB.

The Selection

Smooth processes and a well-timed schedule, large crowds with many visitors from all over Italy and abroad, and a live stream bursting with fantastic images going out into the whole wide world.

The Noriker colts Mister-Nero XVII NBZ007/19 (from left; owner: Denis Crazzolara from Badia/Abtei) and Gandalf-Diamant XVI 040005533212120 (owner: Stefan Brunner from Rasùn/Rasen) were both rated IIB

The candidates
In South Tyrol and in Italy more generally, there is no pre-selection: Every private breeder can simply bring their colt to the licensing events, which of course makes for a very thrilling setting with plenty of big and small surprises. 
The generation born in 2020 has proven to be a very diverse one, and the top-ranked stallions in particular are highly promising. As Federation Chairman Erich Messner pointed out, it is important for future breeding to continue aiming to preserve the very characteristics that are typical for the Haflinger breed. That way, in addition to its already pronounced gaits, the breed can continue scoring points with its type, nobility and harmony.

Among the horses which took part in the Stallion Parade was Bananajou-A BZ29243 (owner: Daniel Kofler from Sarentino/Sarntal)

The Stallion Parade

This is where it’s possible to see a direct comparison of active stallions. But the Stallion Parade is also a dynamic form of evaluating the candidates – because it accompanies the studhorses throughout every stage of their breeding career, even after they’ve been licensed. A much-appreciated feature this year: the expert international show commentary.
Click here for the official results – and watch this space: We will soon publish an extensive photo gallery of the event. 
In addition, we highlight the individual winners on Facebook and upload a series of videos documenting the licensing event and the stallion parade to our YouTube channel. So remember to stay tuned!
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