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2023 Anniversary Show of the Meltina/Mölten Haflinger Breeders' Association

On Saturday 30 April, the Meltina/Mölten Haflinger Breeders’ Association hosted a grand event to celebrate its 120th anniversary – complete with an impressive show featuring its members’ horses, a separate show all dedicated to the offspring of the stallion Alpenbue-I BZ22495 plus a presentation of the yearling fillies owned by the members of the South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders’ Association.

Since its establishment 120 years ago, the “Haflinger Breeding Cooperative No. 1 of Mölten”, as the original name loosely translates to, has made a truly essential contribution to conserving and propagating the breed: the introduction of the very first Haflinger mare and stud book. And with Erich Pramstrahler and Alexander Mittelberger at the helm and this excellently organised and atmospheric show, the association has once more succeeded in raising great interest in the breed far and wide.

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