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White Turf in San Genesio/Jenesien

Großer Erfolg für Südtiroler Fahrer

It doesn't always have to be the frozen lake of St. Moritz…

A long-standing tradition: This year marks the 43rd time that the South Tyrol Haflinger Sports Association has hosted the County Championships of the winter sports disciplines. The 2020 edition of the popular Haflinger sports highlight took place on the idyllic meadows of the Salto/Salten plateau: Lined by snow-capped larches and framed by stunning 360-degree views of the surrounding mountain panorama in the finest winter weather, the event attracted a sizeable crowd. 

The San Genesio/Jenesien Haflinger Breeders' Association made sure that the athletes and their horses could compete in top-level winter-time conditions. And their hard work paid off: A large number of contestants took part and went up against each other an impressive 89 times in total.

Sleigh racing: the new County Champions
43 horses had to master the 1400 m race track pulling a sleigh and staying in trot all the while. With the experienced Alois Egger in the driving seat, Alfons Kofler's Rosaria BZ26754 came in first and took home the title. Kofler's mare Alissia BZ29205 turned out to be the fastest three-year-old, while Vicky BZ28370 and driver Hubert Reiterer beat their competitors in the category of four- to five-year old mares.

Separate category for young drivers
There's a shortage of young talents in trot racing – which is why the South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders' Association and the South Tyrol Haflinger Sports Association have teamed up and created a separate classification for contestants under 40 to motivate more young drivers. From among the six young competitors, 34-year-old Peter Gruber and O'Hara won the race. At the tender age of 17, Manuel Unterhofer and Quilli came in second ahead of 19-year-old Claudia Pircher and Quendi.

The fastest Skijor racers
Skijoring on the other hand does not suffer from a lack of attention: Action-packed and always a thrill, this discipline is a hit with both contestants and the crowds. For the Skijor races, a horse and rider have to master the 700 m track in full gallop – with a skier in tow. Jakob Gross' mare Nora BZ24573 – with Jana Thaler in the saddle and Ruth Thaler on skis – was the fastest contestant in the Older Mares category. Hannes Aster's Ayla BZ29308 – with Barbara Aster in the saddle and Simon Stofner in tow – won the three-year-old mares' race.

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Großer Erfolg für Südtiroler Fahrer

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