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The Noriker - The breed

Standards for breeding

Height (hh) 152 to 165 cm
Character dedicated while working, sensitive, calm-natured and yet with sufficient lively temper
Population approximately 8,000 horses world-wide
Gaits active and ample stride at walk, appealing and impressive trot, powerful and energetic gallop
Coat colours Chestnut, black, brown, dark head/slate blue grey (grey roan or blue roan), piebald/skewbald (only Tobiano patterns) and leopard patterns

Breeding goal

The aim is to breed a mid-weight cold blooded mountain horse with a low centre of gravity and sufficient width, which is sure of step and has a good sense of balance. Further desired characteristics are a lean head and neck, good forearms, a medium-length trunk, split croup and large, well-articulated muscles as well as good, correct limbs and ample, correct gaits. In order to obtain a good evaluation at the time of the assessment, a Noriker should be of good health and long life, fertile, easy to keep, versatile and of good character and sufficient temperament. Dams should possess sufficiently large amounts of milk.

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