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Haflinger traditions at their best – in Val d’Ultimo/Ulten

Haflinger Show in Ultimo/Ulten
The most beautiful Haflinger was ANUSCHKA BZ29321 (owner:Alexander Kapaurer)

The recent Haflinger show in Pracupola/Kuppelwies in the Ultimo/Ulten valley brought the annual series of spring-time events organised by local breeders’ associations to a close.With a total 38 horses featured in seven categories, Association Chairman Roman Hillebrand impressively managed to capture a snapshot of the high standard of breeding in one of South Tyrol’s most original breeding regions. The judges were Barbara Müller from Bavaria and Josef Reiterer from South Tyrol.


Haflinger Show in Ultimo/Ulten
Runner-up QUESSI BR BZ26175 with Jonas Breitenberger (owner: Heinrich Breitenberger)

Haflinger Show in Ultimo/Ulten
3rd place for COSIMA BZ30148 (owner:Lisa Breitenberger)

Photos: Evi Innerebner

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Haflinger Show in Ultimo/Ulten

Haflinger Show in Val d'Ultimo/Ulten
Haflinger traditions at their best

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