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2021 Fieracavalli Verona

...with Haflingers on the centre stage!

Runner-up among the colts: BENZ-E BZ30622, owners: Wolfgang and Berta Wendlinger from Chiusa/Klausen
More than Words
With an excellent performance in the dressage test, Christine Kofler and her stallion More than Words secured an outstanding second place in this year’s grand Gala of Italian Horse Breeds


Everything was – of course – a bit different this time around: smaller, cosier and not at all comparable with earlier editions of the beloved international horse fair. But still, or perhaps precisely because of those extraordinary circumstances, it was the right decision for ANACRHAI – the Italian National Association of Haflinger Horse Breeders – to represent the Haflinger breed at this year’s Fieracavalli in Verona. And in this spirit, the remarkable results achieved by the South Tyrolean Haflinger breeders and their exceptional horses have made a considerable contribution to the success of the fair.

The cooperation between the two breeding organisations has proven rewarding for both partners and will be continued in just a few months’ time on the occasion of the jointly organised Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts.

Back at the Fieracavalli, the delegation distinguished itself thanks to the Haflingers’ great athletic talents: A round of applause for Christine Kofler, who, after an excellent performance in the dressage test, won a phenomenal second place with her stallion More than Words in this year’s grand Gala of Italian Horse Breeds!

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The winner among the two-year old mares: Cometa - AM TN13302, owner: Andreas Pichler from Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen
Dolivia NR
Dolivia NR BZ30214, runner-up in the category of one-year-old mares, owner: Anton Stürz from Aldino/Aldein
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