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2023 Haflinger Stud Book Registration

At this year’s big breeding register entry event held from 21 to 23 April 2023, a total 133 young Haflinger mares were presented for evaluation in Egna/Neumarkt. Seven of them made it to the final round, where they were ranked and discussed by a grand jury consisting of Dr Andrea Sgambati and Dr Alessandro Botte alongside the breeders’ representatives Peter Zöggeler and Helmuth Senn.

Stba 2023
The most beautiful Haflinger mares in Egna/Neumarkt (from left): winner DESI BZ30455 (owner: David Bernardi from Badia/Abtei), runner-up D-BALEA PB BZ30317 (owner: Alois Zöggeler from Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern), 3rd place DACCA BZ30456 (owner: Roland Pircher from Lana), 4th place DIANA BZ30251 (owner: Daniel Senn from Villandro/Villanders) and 5th place DORESSA BZ30201 (owner: Tobias Zöggeler from Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern)

This group of first-class mares impressively illustrated how the key riding horse features have now successfully been consolidated in the breed. The gait quality in particular has greatly been improved: Two mares (Roland Pircher’s Dacca, ranked third, and Kevin Gasser’s Dori) even scored an Excellent for their trot.

Two remarkably well developed mares won this year’s crown: Desi (owned by David Bernardi) and runner-up D-Balea (owner: Alois Zöggeler) were both selected for their beautifully coloured coat, good forehand, light head and neck placement, good shoulder, pronounced withers, great top-line, correctly sloped croup as well as fine and distinctive limbs.

Stba 2023
Winner among the Haflingers DESI BZ30455 with owner David Bernardi (from left), Haflinger Queen Andrea Aster and runner-up D-BALEA PB BZ30317 with Alois Zöggeler

Haflinger results

Noriker results


The Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders (SHPZV) also awarded distinctions to the following mares, which were all selected from the 133 presented on the day:

For the most beautiful head: Doreen von Baumann (Georg Höller)

For the best trot: Dacca (Roland Pircher)

For the most typical characteristics:  Dorette MR (Renzo Giuliani).


Stba 2023
Haflinger winner DESI BZ30455 with her owner David Bernardi (from left), her breeder Simon Dapoz and Haflinger Queen Andrea Aster

Outstanding service

Things took a festive turn when Federation Chairman Dr Erich Messner presented four long-serving judges with certificates of honour thanking them for their contributions: In acknowledgement of their achievements, he awarded Dr Andrea Sgambati, Giuseppe Zamboni, Giovanni Rigozzi and Giorgio Zanieri badges of honour in the shape of gold and silver pins.

Smoothly organised, the 2023 Haflinger Stud Book Registration was characterised by meticulously well coordinated procedures, a great atmosphere, wholly satisfied breeders and an international audience – and with the by now familiar live stream, an even bigger audience of Haflinger fans world-wide were able to tune in to this all-out successful event.

Noriker winner FANNY NBZ008/20 (owner: Oswald Weitlaner from S. Candido/Innichen)

Noriker runner-up ZORA NBZ002/20 (owner: Sonja Wisthaler from Monguelfo-Tesimo/Welsberg-Taisten)

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