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45th Haflinger County Championship in sleigh racing and skijöring

New venue, veteran champions

45th County Championship in sleigh races and skijoring
Photos: Margareth Eschgfäller
In comparison with San Genesio/Jenesien and the Sarentino/Sarntal valley – the strongholds of Haflinger sports that have hosted the last two County Championships in the winter disciplines –, the Passiria/Passeier valley is perhaps a bit of an outsider. And yet, it is there that the South Tyrol Haflinger Sports Association organised the 45th edition of the South Tyrol Sleigh Racing and Skijoring County Championships: Held in cooperation with the Pferdefreunde Passeier club, the event took place on 12 February in Corvara/Rabenstein.
This year’s winning horses, on the other hand, are anything but outsiders: Rosaria und Alissia, two excellent trotters owned by Alfons Kofler from Renon/Ritten, already have a long track record of sleigh racing victories with their trainer and driver Alois Egger. And the skijoring winner, Anna Seebacher’s Uhu BR, is also no stranger to gallop racing – but a County Championship victory is a first even for this outstanding mare. The 9-year-old won the title with Irene Moser in the saddle and Julian Breitenberger in tow.
A total of 35 mares competed in the sleigh races – with ages ranging from three-year-olds to 21-year-old Fennya: Despite her advanced age, the seasoned racehorse owned by Heinrich Zöggeler left many younger mares far behind, securing an excellent 4th place. And in skijoring, a whopping 44 teams consisting of horse, rider and skier took to a perfectly prepared racing track.
The South Tyrol Haflinger Sports Association was very satisfied with the success of this year’s event, both with regard to the participant numbers and the close cooperation with the Pferdefreunde Passeier club.

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45th County Championship in sleigh races and skijoring

45th County Championship in sleigh races and skijoring
New venue, veteran champions
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