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Haflinger and Noriker Show in Renon/Ritten

Haflinger and Noriker Show at Renon/Ritten
The most beautiful Haflinger in Renon/Ritten (from left): winner CAMPIONESSA OK BZ29816 with breeder Silvia Cottone Mair and owner Alois Schweigkofler; runner-up ULLIANE V. BAUMANN BZ28306 with breeder/owner Georg Höller and 3rd place PERLE BZ25676 with Sabine Stuefer (owner: Rita Mur)

Steeped in tradition, the Renon/Ritten plateau is home to one of the key heartlands of Haflinger breeding and husbandry in South Tyrol – a long-standing custom shown impressively at the occasion a festive show held on 6 May 2023 in Pemmern.

The high local breeding standards became particularly evident in the selection of dams currently active in breeding, as befittingly acknowledged by the team of judges including guest judge Hans Schiller alongside breeders’ representative Josef Reiterer and now retired Haflinger expert Giuseppe Zamboni.
For a number of years, Noriker breeders too have enriched the life of the local association. At this year’s show, they were also beautifully featured – with Ruben Prugger in charge of judging.

All in all a successful dress rehearsal for the upcoming grand show set to take place in 2026 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the association!

Haflinger and Noriker results  

Haflinger and Noriker Show at Renon/Ritten
Noriker winner DIANA NBZ023/15 with owner Robert Spinell

Haflinger and Noriker Show at Renon/Ritten
Noriker runner-up FINNI 040006730060920 with Maria Ramoser (owner: Richard Ramoser)

Photos: FotoPress Arigossi

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