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2023 Fieracavalli

Excellent stage to showcase South Tyrolean Haflingers

The 125th edition of the Fieracavalli international expert horse fair took place in Verona from 9 to 12 November. Several Haflingers from South Tyrol were at the fair and took part in conformation shows organised by ANACRHAI, the Italian national breeders’ association – with great success: Having brought along high-quality horses, the members of the South Tyrolean federation were able to impress the judges across all individual categories. The Italian Champion, too, originally comes from South Tyrol: EVITA BZ30790 was bred by Klaus Marmsoler in Castelrotto/Kastelruth and is now owned by Cristian Tarca from Morbegno near Sondrio.

Best-in-show EVITA BZ30790 (breeder: Klaus Marmsoler from Castelrotto/Kastelruth; owner: Cristian Tarca from Morbegno)

G – BRINA DEL GARDA TN13953 (owner: Renzo Colpo from Mori near Trento) was crowned best filly, with GOLDIGE GITSCH BZ31526 (owner: Alois Zöggeler from Fiè/Völs) coming in second followed by GUANTANA VON LARCHEN BZ31577 (owner: Alexander and Theresia Zöschg from Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen). The runner-up among this year’s top colts: WALD-ZAR-G BZ31578, also owned by Alexander and Theresia Zöschg from Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen.

3-5-year old mares' winner DESI BZ30455 together with her breeder Simon Dapoz (left) and her owner David Bernardi from Badia/Abtei

Helmut Figl’s FINJA BZ31068 (Appiano/Eppan) came in fourth among the one-year-old mares; his daughter Jasmin Figl presented the young mare FELINA BZ30996 in the same category. Ferdinand Reiterer’s E-TIFFANY FR BZ30832 was selected as the runner-up among the two-year old mares, while Settimio Alessandrini came in third and fifth with EVORA RM11167 and EVELYN RM11168, respectively.
The winner of this year’s South Tyrolean Stud Book Registration, DESI BZ30455 (proud owner: David Bernardi from Badia/Abtei) won in the category of 3-5-year old mares, ahead of Christiane Karnutsch’s C-MEDINA BZ29867 (Merano/Meran), who came in third and also won best trot. DORI BZ30309, owned by Kevin Gasser from Appiano/Eppan, came in fifth in the same category.
With over 140,000 visitors in just four days, Verona’s long-standing Fieracavalli is one of the most important international specialist horse fairs. And this year, a whopping 700 exhibitors from 25 countries took part: A total of 35 breeding associations and federations presented some 60 horse breeds and up to 2,500 horses, with countless performances and shows to captivate their enthusiastic audience. 
The South Tyrolean Federation seized this top opportunity to announce two exciting upcoming events: the big anniversary Haflinger Festival, scheduled to take place in Sluderno/Schluderns from 31 May to 02 June 2024 to mark 150 years of Haflinger breeding, and of course the European Haflinger Championships, held from 21 to 24 August 2024 in the Austrian town of Stadl-Paura. Two major highlights that breeders and athletes alike are already looking forward to with huge anticipation!
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