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Epiphany races in the Sarentino/Sarntal valley

Young Breeders present new racing format

Preisverteilung 1
Combined races – the top three of the Three-Year Old Mares category (left to right): Sarah Höller, Michael Seebacher and Young Breeders’ Association Chairman Tobias Zöggeler, accompanied by Haflinger Queen Andrea Aster
Preisverteilung 2
Combined races – the winners of the Four-Year Old Mares category (left to right): Young Breeders’ Association Chairman Tobias Zöggeler, Florian Stuefer, Konrad Zöggeler and Peter Plattner, accompanied by Haflinger Queen Andrea Aster


On 06 January 2022, the South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders’ Association welcomed horse fans to an exciting new racing format, marking the Feast of the Epiphany and showcasing the association’s three- and four-year-old mares. 
It was a sun-spoilt winter day at the Rabensteiner farmstead in the Sarentino/Sarntal valley – a perfect chance for the young mares to learn the ropes of winter-time racing on a flawlessly groomed track.

Combined racing: a top-notch mix
With a whole new format bringing together sleigh racing and skijoring to add extra thrills to the contest, the event aims to attract more young equestrian athletes. The recipe for success: In the morning, the horses had to master the race track pulling a sleigh and staying in trot all the while. Then, in the afternoon, they competed at a canter – with a jockey in the saddle and a skier in tow. The results of both competitions were then added up, with the winner being the horse with the best time.

All results at a glance: Combined results   /   Sleigh racing   /   Skijoring results


Konrad Zöggeler’s BELLA proved to be the fastest Four-Year Old Mare, winning the combined race in her category
Michael Seebacher’ CEDA won the Three-Year Old Mares’ combined race (pictured with Sarah Höller in the saddle during the skijoring race)
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