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All eyes on the 2021 Stud Book Registration

And what a blast it was!

The very best Young Mares of the Haflinger breed (from right): The winner BERRY BZ29784 (owner: Alois Schweigkofler from Renon/Ritten), runner-up BELSY BZ29462 (owner: August Jaider from Castelrotto/Kastelruth) and BLONDEGITSCH BZ29536 (3rd place, owner: Alois Zöggeler from Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern)



Photos: Armin Mayr

Live on stage: 14 Norikers and 137 Haflingers, each and every one of them dressed to impress and presented in an exemplary manner. In short, this year’s Stud Book Registration will be remembered as a very high-level event, not least thanks to the outstanding quality of the horses. All animals were of course certified to have tested negative for equine herpes.

The breeders and handlers, most of them donning traditional clothing and all of them equipped with proof of a negative COVID-19 test, presented their horses with the utmost professionalism – without exception.

In this setting, the judges were in a prime position to scrutinise and evaluate an entire crop of new horses under uniform conditions, and they rose to the challenge with great competence.
To make all of this possible and to ensure that the event would run smoothly, the Federation management and staff had truly gone the extra mile – after all, the live stream meant that there would be an increased amount of visibility. And with everyone joining forces, they’d managed to create an excellent stage for the Haflinger and Noriker breeds.

The response has been overwhelming, and now we all look eagerly forward to the events coming up this autumn: The South Tyrolean Foal Championship and the very first online auction will be sure to attract plenty of attention, too.


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