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Team Kastelruth Dorf wins the 2019 Oswald von Wolkenstein medieval tournament 

All-Haflinger team Völs Völser Aicha scores excellent result

This year's winners: David Tirler, Alexander Rier, Peter Hofer and Martin Peterlunger, pictured with "Oswald von Wolkenstein" (left) and Franz Wendt (right)

03/06/2019 – Our warmest congratulations to Martin Peterlunger, Alexander Rier, David Tirler and Peter Hofer on winning the 37th edition of the Oswald von Wolkenstein medieval tournament! After they finished the legendary agility contest in just 4:41.12, the much sought-after Oswald von Wolkenstein trophy now belongs to the Kastelruth Dorf team – until it is time to saddle up again next spring.

Two thumbs up and congrats also to the teams Kastelruth Grondlboden and Kastelruth Bühlen on finishing second and third, respectively!

Haflinger team finishes sixth

This is not the first time that the team Völs Völser Aicha – that's Alois, Klaus, Tobias and Martin Zöggeler with their four Haflinger horses – has managed to secure one of the coveted spots on the starting grid of the medieval-themed equestrian agility contest. This year, having completed the course in an impressive 5:15.93, they finished sixth in the overall ranking. Congratulations on this top-notch result. We were especially pleased that this year, a total of three Haflinger-only teams took part in the tournament: Völs Völser Aicha, Tisens Dorf and Sarntal Vormeswald.

With its nerves of steel, stamina, manoeuvrability and sure step, the Haflinger breed is ideal for high-profile agility tests such as the Oswald von Wolkenstein tournament. To provide its support, the Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders has established a tradition of rewarding any all-Haflinger teams that finish among the top 15 contestants with a bonus prize.

All 2019 results

Joy all over – the team Völs Völser Aicha celebrating their outstanding result: Tobias, Klaus, Martin and Alois Zöggeler with their Haflingers

Photos: Helmuth Rier

Large turnout of South Tyrolean Noriker breeders in Ebbs (A)

2019 Greater Tyrol Noriker Show on 19 May

The South Tyrolean winner: SORAYA NBZ017/11 with Hannes Gruber (owner: Vitus Gruber from Aldino/Aldein)

The South Tyrolean reserve winner: FARINA 040006730062515 with Peter Ferdinand Erardi from Perca/Percha

24/05/2019 – On Sunday 19 May, the all-new Fohlenhof Ebbs stud farm (A) opened its doors to the 2019 Greater Tyrol Noriker Show. The popular event is held at five-year intervals, with the breeding associations from North and South Tyrol taking turns to organise the cross-border show promoting and fostering the values of Noriker breeding. This year's edition, hosted by the Tyrolean Noriker Horse Breeders Association, attracted a total of 186 horses.

The show is the first EUREGIO project in the context of horse breeding – and to foster the cross-border sense of community, instead of crowning one single show winner, it was decided to determine an overall winner and an overall reserve winner for each of the provinces taking part: North Tyrol and East Tyrol in Austria, South Tyrol and Trentino in Italy.

A total of 42 candidates from South Tyrol attended the show: Vitus Gruber's SORAYA NBZ017/11 from Aldino/Aldein was elected best South Tyrolean Noriker horse, with Peter Ferdinand Erardi's FARINA 040006730062515 from Perca/Percha coming in second.
Results Winners per province Photo gallery

Second oldest breeding cooperative celebrates anniversary

Haflinger Anniversary Show in Sarentino/Sarnthein on 04 May 2019

The winners (from left): Melanie Oberhöller and Rosalinde Pamer with runner-up QUEEN-MARA BZ26366; Thomas Schwarz and Albert Spiess with ULLI BZ28141, the show winner; Andrea Aster with ZWENDY BZ28759 (third place)
Photo: Flora Brugger
06/05/2019 – On Saturday 04 May, the Val Sarentino/Sarntal Haflinger Horse Breeding Association held a large-scale horse show to celebrate its 110th anniversary. In spite of rather poor weather, more than 80 Haflinger mares – all beautifully groomed and prepared – were paraded in front of a large audience by their breeders clad in traditional local costumes, paying tribute to the long history of the breeding cooperative, which was founded in 1909 – only four years after the Meltina/Mölten First Association of Haflinger Breeders. Today, the traditions of the Val Sarentino/Sarntal valley are still largely regarded to have formed the basis of the breed that is now spread out all over the world.

Five-year-old ULLI BZ28141 (owner: Thomas Schwarz from Prati/Auen) is the winner of the anniversary show, with the reserve victory going to nine-year-old QUEEN-MARA BZ26366 (owner: Robert Oberhöller from San Martino/Reinswald). Three-year-old ZWENDY BZ28759 (owner: Haflinger Queen Andrea Aster from Prati/Auen) was voted the third most beautiful mare.
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Another year, another crowd magnet

Transhumance of Haflinger colts on 01 May 2019


02/05/2019 – Among the many Haflinger events in South Tyrol, the spring-time day on which Haflinger colts from near and far are traditionally brought together, getting them ready to spend the summer months on the mountain pastures of the Passirio/Passeier valley, has long been a clear number-one favourite – and to this day it has lost none of its appeal. Particularly those unfamiliar with the spectacle typically delight in watching how gangs of boisterous "teenage" Haflingers are released to pasture together and immediately engage in a raucous, playful brawl.

As every year, on this first day of May a large crowd gathered to revel in the fascinating, merry frolic of young stallions that meet for the first time on the green pastures of the Sandhof farm and wrangle each other to establish their place in the herd with which they will spend all summer.

2016: a superb generation

121 new Haflinger and 9 Noriker mares presented at the stud book registration event; Additional attraction: the 2019 Young Mares' Show

The prettiest Haflinger mares born in 2016 (from left): runner-up Z-TEBBY BZ28969 (owner: Peter Marini from Appiano/Eppan; presented by Heidi Marini), Haflinger experts Christine Kofler and Helmuth Breitenberger and ZURI MARIS BZ28884, this year's winner, with owner Alois Schweigkofler from Renon/Ritten
29/04/2019 – For four whole days in late April 2019, the Alps Coliseum Equestrian Sports Centre revolved entirely around Haflinger and Noriker horses, when in spite of the changeful April weather, horse fans from near and far made their way to Egna/Neumarkt to catch a glimpse of approximately 200 magnificent and perfectly groomed horses. The 2019 stud book registration will no doubt be remembered as an all-round success that faithfully captured the high-quality status quo of today's breeding activities in South Tyrol.

Zuri Maris crowned most beautiful out of 121 new Haflinger mares

A total of 121 Haflinger mares born in the year 2016 – all lovingly prepared and skilfully presented – were lined up before Haflinger experts Christine Kofler and Helmuth Breitenberger, who were well aware of their great responsibility and went to great lengths to describe and evaluate the horses correctly.
Equipped with striking typical characteristics and harmony, Zuri Maris BZ28884, a William-S daughter owned by Alois Schweigkofler from Renon/Ritten, was proclaimed best mare of her year. Z-Tebby BZ28969, a Winterstern-O offspring owned by Peter Marini from Appiano/Eppan with plenty of typical features alongside a harmonious and graceful structure, was selected as runner-up, followed by Zabea BZ28850 out of sire Weltherr-W, whose owner is Daniel Senn from Villandro/Villanders).

Haflinger horses' results             Catalogue            Photos IB classified mares


Cream of the crop: ZURI MARIS BZ28884, the best new mare
of 2019, pictured with owner Alois Schweigkofler from

Heidi Marini with Z-TEBBY BZ28969, who came in second (owner: Peter Marini from Appiano/Eppan)

Noriker horses – a small group made up of very fine candidates

The Noriker breeding community showcased a total of nine young mares – a small but very high-quality group. Three horses were awarded the highest class of breeding value: Sara NBZ003/16 (owner: Erich Declara from Badia/Abtei) was the overall winner, followed by Drixi NBZ018/16 (owner: Martina Jungmann from Campo Tures/Sand in Taufers) and Belinda NBZ025/16 (owner: Richard Ramoser from Renon/Ritten) in third place.

This year's best Noriker mare: SARA NBZ003/16, pictured with Simon Declara (owner: Erich Declara)

Runner-up DRIXI NBZ018/16 (owner: Martina Jungmann) with Klemens Jungmann

BELINDA NBZ025/16, who came in third, with owner Richard Ramoser

Photos: Cécile Zahorka 

Crowds wowed by the 2019 South Tyrol Young Mares' Show

A real crowd-pleaser: The 2019 South Tyrol Young Mares' Show boosted the stud book registration with an extra bit of charm and zest – an impression confirmed by the large audience and the participants alike.
Those breeders who presented their horses both for registration and in the show had to put in a considerable extra effort for taking part in the latter, but it all proved well worth it: The show provided a first-class platform for breeders to present a selection of excellently prepped and primed horses, and the audience was treated to an at-a-glance overview of what the breeding tradition in South Tyrol has accomplished.

Young Mares' Show's results                 Participants               Photos

Category: South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders' Association; 6-9-year olds not in foal (left to right): winner TUNDRA BZ27711, runner-up RENNI BZ26633, SAMMY BZ27542 (third place), SUNSHINE BZ27446 (fourth place) and TWINSTAR BZ27878 (fifth place)

Category: South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders' Association; 6-9-year olds in foal or with foal at foot (from left): winner THIANA BZ27593, runner-up SAUGITSCH BZ27249, SARAH-BELLA BZ27518 (third place), SHANGRI LA BZ27514 (fourth place) and SAMBA BZ27212 (fifth place)

4-5-year olds not in foal (left to right): winner VIONA BZ28389, runner-up VATNE BZ28374, V.SELINA-R BZ28410 (third place), VITA BZ28417 (fourth place) and UVANNA BZ28180 (fifth place)

4-5-year olds in foal or with foal at foot (from left): winner VALENCIA BZ28364, runner-up ULME BZ28019, ULLIANE V. BAUMANN BZ28306 (third place), ELINE 040003823884114 (fourth place) and UTOPIA BZ28052 (fifth place)

Two-year olds (from left): winner AKELEI BZ29118, runner-up ADORA BZ29171, ATHENA BZ29175 (third place), ALENA BZ29177 (fourth place) and ARABELLA HU BZ29310 (fifth

Yearlings (from left): winner BAYA HL BZ29413, runner-up BELANA BZ29638, BARONESSE BZ29463 (third place),
B-LAYLA BZ29529 (fourth place) and BALESSA BZ29495 (fifth place)
Photos: Armin Mayr 

With such a magnetic addition to its show portfolio, the stud book registration attracted an international crowd of visitors and created a key opportunity for the local breeders' community to celebrate the achievements of breeding in South Tyrol. 

Rexi wins Easter Monday title in Merano/Meran

Easter Monday Haflinger Gallop Races on 22 April 2019

23/04/2019 – Traditionally, on Easter Monday, the Merano/Meran racecourse revolves entirely around Haflinger horses. Already in their 123rd edition, the time-honoured Easter Monday Haflinger Gallop Races are organised by the South Tyrol Haflinger Sports Association in collaboration with the Merano/Meran Tourist Office, the City Council and Merano Galoppo srl/Meran Galopp GmbH.
At 10 a.m., the eventful day opened in style with a splendid parade boasting floats, fanfare trumpeters and marching bands alongside countless Haflingers and their young riders wearing traditional costumes on their way from the city centre to the racecourse.

At the annual grand parade through the city centre       

Thanks to the cooperation with the Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders, this year, the 6000 or so visitors could not only cheer on the blonde-maned mares during the gallop races but also enjoy less common disciplines such as driving or loose jumping.

Happy faces at the award ceremony (left to right): Marta Innerhofer on PIA-MARIA, who came in third, winner Irene Moser on REXI and runner-up Kathrin Erschbamer on UDINE II

An exciting final round saw the four best horses from each of the three preliminary races compete for the much-treasured title, which Irene Moser and REXI BZ26943 (owner: Helene Zöggeler) won ahead of Kathrin Erschbamer on UDINE II BZ28063 (owner: Hubert Kienzl) and Marta Innerhofer on PIA-MARIA BZ25793 (owner: Josef Plattner).


Presentation training with Bruno Six

Saturday 6 April 2019 in Meltina/Mölten

08/04/2019 – At a recent presentation training session organised by the South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders' Association on 6 April in Meltina/Mölten, course instructor Bruno Six from Germany equipped the17 participants with the dos and don'ts of how to correctly prepare and present a horse. Having covered the basics of evaluating a horse's conformation, the Haflinger expert shared his expertise on the art of the handling and presenting horses in a lively, interactive discussion with the keen group. In the afternoon, the participants then had a chance to put into practice what they had learned in the theoretical part in the morning, and the group left endowed with plenty of information and fresh motivation to try out their newly acquired skills on their own horses.

Round table debate: a straightforward and fitting format


The participants (left to right): Manfred Canins, Roland Morat, South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders' Association Chairwoman Sabine Stuefer, Vice Chairman Richard Gamper, Priska Kelderer, Nicola Metzger, Federation Chairman Erich Messner, South Tyrol Haflinger Sports Association Chairman Richard Plack, Federation Director Michael Gruber, Luca Marini and Evelyn Tarasconi (Photo: Armin Mayr)

01/04/2019 – On Monday 1 April, a number of stakeholders from the Haflinger community met for a round table event at the Federation headquarters.

In an informal and unbiased discussion, the group debated a wide range of topics in light of the diverse background of those present. The leitmotif of the lively get-together turned out to be the positioning of the Haflinger breed in South Tyrol and of South Tyrolean Haflinger horses on a world-wide scale. With a multitude of constructive contributions, the discussion opened up some new perspectives on the status quo and future of Haflinger horses in breeding and sport. A key point that stood out all the way through: The work of the Federation, which has succeeded in establishing a consolidated cooperation with the South Tyrol Haflinger Sports Association and the South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders' Association as partners, is greatly appreciated.

The many different stakeholders, who took a very active and outspoken part in the discussion, unanimously expressed their interest in a stronger network among the existing South Tyrolean elements in horse breeding and equestrian sports, with the aim of bringing together all interests in the medium to long term. On the one hand this ensures continuity, while on the other hand it opens up new paths and fields of action in which the tried-and-tested elements can be promoted in a targeted fashion.

The round table debate has brought forward a series of exciting and constructive results – a successful format that will certainly be continued.

Presentation training with Bruno Six and Hendrik Fiegel

23 March at the Sandhof inn (Passiria/Passeier valley)


25/03/2019 – At the invitation of the Passiria/Passeier Haflinger Horse Breeders' Association, the two horse experts Bruno Six and Hendrik Fiegel talked about a series of topics that typically interest every breeder in spring: With the stud book registration just around the corner, most owners now strive to prepare their horses and bring out their very best qualities – an undertaking that is far from easy, as it requires a great deal of effort. Breeders can exert some degree of influence with the help of proper feeding, expert preparation and a professional presentation – the first decisive factor for any horse, however, is its correct conformation. The participants took notice of both the theory and the practical explanations with great interest.

Review of an eventful year

2019 Plenum of the Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders


18/03/2019 – This year, the Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders held its plenary meeting on Saturday 16 March in Terlano/Terlan. Chairman Erich Messner and Director Michael Gruber gave an overview of the special events of the past year and provided an impressive account detailing the development of both the Federation and Haflinger as well as Noriker breeding in South Tyrol in general.

Distinctions for top breeders (from left): Federation Chairman Erich Messner, Vice Chairman Richard Gamper, Haflinger Queen Andrea Aster, Regional Minister for Agriculture Arnold Schuler, Markus Theiner, Katja Müller, Josef Waldner, Peter Braun, Lukas Mair, Norbert Rier and Paul Premstaller

The list of positive things was long: Together with the memberships which are at a constant high and the overall number of horses which is on the increase, a series of events with considerable appeal as well as the Federation's solid financial situation made for a very constructive review of the past year. Favourable market developments recently saw both domestic sales and exports significantly on the rise once more, and in the past year, cooperation efforts with both the South Tyrol Haflinger Sports Association and the South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders' Association were greatly intensified.

At the General Assembly, several Haflinger breeders received accolades for the results their horses obtained in the stallion performance test (5) and the aptitude test for mares (10).


Val Sarentino/Sarntal Haflinger Horse Breeding Association decorates meritable members

Honorary Chairman Georg Kofler

15/03/2019 – On the occasion of the annual general meeting of the Val Sarentino/Sarntal Haflinger Horse Breeding Association on Saturday 3 March, several members were distinguished for their many years of commitment and work for the association board:

  • Katrin Trojer – 9 years of service
  • Simone Innerebner – 9 years of service
  • Karl Seebacher – 31 years of service
  • Jakob Gross – 33 years of service

Georg Kofler of San Martino/Reinswald, who has served as Chairman of the association for 36 years, was appointed Honorary Chairman. His passion for the Haflinger breed remains undiminished: Only recently, he acquired the two high-quality stallions Wilo-Z BZ28967 and Ares V. Baumann BZ28916, making a valuable contribution to the development of Haflinger breeding in the Val Sarentino/Sarntal valley.

Vice Chairman Peter Thaler, Katrin Trojer, Simone Innerebner and Chairman Christian Plattner (left to right)

Outgoing members of the Board of Directors (from left): Karl Seebacher, Katrin Trojer, Honorary Chairman Georg Kofler, Simone Innerebner and Jakob Gross

New arrivals: Honorary Chairman Georg Kofler with his two new stud horses

Sleigh racing, skijoring and strength tests for Haflinger and Noriker horses

Saturday 23 February 2019 in Renon/Ritten

Thrills galore: the strength tests

05/03/2019 – For the third time in a row, the popular club race in the winter disciplines organised by the Renon/Ritten Haflinger Horse Breeders' Association took place on the last weekend of February at the Arena Ritten ice rink. Despite the mild temperatures, the 51 horses competed in ideal conditions.

An impressive way to illustrate the versatility of the breed: With the contestants divided into three groups, some competed in several disciplines – Günther Mur and his mare Rosalie, for instance, in all three. The guest class included passionate equestrian athletes from all over South Tyrol and added yet another level of quality the club race.

Category winners  
Sleigh racing: 3-year-olds
Zweety (Alfons Kofler, Renon/Ritten)
Sleigh racing: Noriker horses
Stella (Klaus Lanziner, Valle di Casies/Gsies)
Sleigh racing: older mares (Association members only)
Queeny (Alfons Kofler, Renon/Ritten)
Sleigh racing: older mares (guest category)
O-Hara (Roland Pechlaner, S. Genesio/Jenesien)
Haflinger strength tests
Blizzard (Judith Pramstrahler, Renon/Ritten)
Noriker strength tests
Flinke (Toni Lanz, Dobbiaco/Toblach)
(Richard Plack, Val Sarentino/Sarntal valley)

The Arena Ritten ice rink once more proved to be the ideal location for the tournament

All results

Photo gallery

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Eventing project: dressage training in San Genesio/Jenesien

25/02/2019 – On 23 February 2019, the aspiring eventing riders completed yet another training session under the supervision of Nicola Metzger and Roland Morat – this time with a focus on dressage. The experts equipped the highly motivated participants with a series of valuable suggestions on how to increase both their own potential and that of their horse. As both trainers confirmed, the group is already on a solid basis. The next meeting, scheduled for the end of March, will focus on show jumping. 

Val d'Ultimo/Ulten Rosser Weekend

21/02/2018 – Action galore at the Val d'Ultimo/Ulten Rosser Weekend on 9 and 10 February, the event that unites the most exciting horse racing disciplines on snow: Saturday had the crowds on the edge of their seats at the second edition of the "Ultner Ross Ski Cross" race featuring Haflinger horses, while Sunday saw the 2019 South Tyrol Haflinger Sleigh Race and Skijoring County Championship return to the Val d'Ultimo/Ulten valley for the first time in many years.
Action-packed and a thrill for the spectators and participants alike, Ski Cross with horses originated from the USA. This was the second contest organised by the horse breeding and sports associations of the valley. Ross Ski Cross is all about fast horses and good skiers, and with participants from all over South Tyrol and Trentino, the races had top-notch names from the local equestrian sports scene fighting for the finish line... read more

Haflinger sleigh races and skijoring in the Val Sarentino/Sarntal valley

20/02/2019 – On Saturday 16 February 2019, the Val Sarentino/Sarntal Haflinger Horse Breeding Association hosted the 64th edition of the traditional Haflinger horse sleigh races with skijoring. The contests were held at the Rabensteiner farmstead in Mules/Muls, where ideal conditions awaited the equestrian athletes. Tradition requires all sleigh race participants to use wooden sleighs and collars. Siegfried Nussbaumer's Quilli was the fastest, while Michael Seebacher's Zacharin won the category of three-year-olds.

A fast team: Siegfried Nussbaumer and Vaja                         

Skijoring is typically a spectacular sight: In this discipline, the horse and rider pull a skier in full gallop. The skijor races were won by Michael Seebacher's  U-Jenny (older mares) and Joachim Thaler's Zilla  (three-year-olds).


The youngest contestant and the most senior horse: Jakob Plattner with Danae

Siegfried Nussbaumer, the overall winner of the sleigh races

Excellent performances by all 3-year-old mares

Sulky race in Meltina/Mölten
12/02/2019 – On Sunday 20/01/2019, the Meltina/Mölten Haflinger Breeders' Association held a trot race at the Kircheben riding arena. Although the traditional sleigh races and skijoring had to be converted into a sulky race due to a lack of snow, the starting line-up featured an impressive 17 horses in two categories.

Mares in foal

1st place Dolly
owner: Walter Wiedmer
2nd place Mary
owner: Walter Wiedmer
3rd place Tessa
owner: Alexander Mittelberger

Mares not in foal

1st place Quendi
owner: August Schwabl
2nd place U-Jenni JR
owner: Carina Hauser
3rd place Gloriose
owner: Martin Egger

August Schwabl with Quendi                    

Day's top result: Quendi with August Schwabl (at 01:55:37)

Most senior contestant: Unda with Carmen Egger, 25 year-old, 5th place

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2019 Stallion Parade: the new breeding season is now open

17 Haflinger stallions presented to help breeders pick the ideal stud horse

The stallions were excellently prepared and in top shape, exuding plenty of masculinity

11/02/2019 – Just one week after the annual Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts, the second weekend of February saw 17 expertly trained and prepared stallions line up before an audience of avid Haflinger fans and breeders. Divided according to their bloodline and age, the stallions were presented in hand (halter class), running free and under the saddle.

The yearly Stallion Parade is a very popular date with breeders near and far: While the Colt Selection is regarded as the candidates' first step into the breeding community, the Parade offers a chance to observe how the selected stallions develop and fare in their career.

The stage is all set for a new generation of stallions

22nd Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts – 02 February 2019

04/02/2019 – On Saturday 02 February, a total of 21 young stallions were presented at this year's all-Italian selection event in Egna/Neumarkt, South Tyrol.
At the 22nd Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts, three colts were registered in the IB breeding value category of the stud book (very good), five were rated IIA+ (good+) and six were classified IIA (good), while two were deferred and a further five were classified IIB (satisfactory) and are therefore not eligible to be used for breeding.
WILO-Z BZ28967, bred by Simon Dapoz from La Villa/Stern in the Badia/Gadertal valley and owned by Georg Höller from Renon/Ritten, was crowned best colt. ADLERFELS HU-Z BZ28925, bred by Franz Oberkofler and owned by Georg Oberkofler from San Genesio/Jenesien, is this year's runner-up. Both colts are already familiar with the spotlight: They came in second and third at the South Tyrolean Foal Championship.
Results available in German and Italian

Cream of the crop (from left): runner-up ADLERFELS HU-Z BZ28925 (bred by Franz Oberkofler; owner: Georg Oberkofler from San Genesio/Jenesien); this year's winner, WILO-Z BZ28967 (bred by Simon Dapoz from Badia/Abtei; owner: Georg Höller, Renon/Ritten) and the second reserve winner, ST SKY - Z BG11667 (owner: Mauro Cavagna, San Pellegrino Terme)

Georg Höller from Renon/Ritten with WILO-Z BZ28967, this year's best colt

Runner-up ADLERFELS HU-Z BZ28925 and owner Georg Oberkofler 

Haflinger Queen Andrea Aster with Mauro Cavagna, whose colt ST SKY - Z BG11667 came in third

Photos: Armin Mayr

South Tyrolean Haflinger promotes new version of cult horse films 

Valerie Huber with the Haflinger mare Carina

17/01/2019 – Today, the latest Immenhof film premiers in cinemas across Germany.
"Immenhof – Das Abenteuer eines Sommers" is a modern-day sequel to a number of popular horse-themed films and their follow-up TV series aired throughout German-speaking countries between the 1950s and the mid-1990s. To promote the release, actress Valerie Huber is interviewed on horseback – starring Haflinger mare Carina, bred by Simon Dapoz and owned by Evelyn Adang of the Teresa riding school and stables in Alta Badia, where the sequence was filmed.

ARD Brisant interview (in German)

Eventing project

Promising talents on the eventing horizon

07/01/2019 – Eleven riders travelled to San Genesio/Jenesien with their Haflinger horses on 5 January to take part in the first appraisal of the eventing project.

After assessing the aspiring contestants' skills and the horses' ability to perform, course instructors Nicola Metzger and Roland Morat were pleased: "As expected, the individual levels vary, but the participants are motivated and the project looks very promising."

The next step is to draw up a training plan, with training units scheduled to take place once every month.

Photo gallery

Ready for action (from left): Susanne Kremer on Ulisse-Z and Alexander Obexer on Viola-Z

Christmas get-together at the Forst Brewery in Lagundo/Algund

14/12/2018 – Following tradition, every year the Federation management and committee members gather for a cosy get-together with the Presidents of the associations a few days before Christmas to celebrate and round up the year together. And so, after the board meeting on Thursday 13 December 2018, some 40 Haflinger enthusiasts met at the Forst Brewery in Lagundo/Algund: the members of the administrative board, the breeding commission and the expert advisory councils for breeding, sport and marketing alongside the representatives  and chairpersons of  the  many

The group on their visit to the Forst Brewery

breeding associations, of the South Tyrol Haflinger Sports Association and of the South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders' Association, together with the staff of the Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders.

After an interesting guided tour of the well-known South Tyrolean brewery, the group retired to the quaint Sixtus dining room, where a lively and merry discussion of the events and successes of this intensive year ensued – accompanied by a hearty traditional meal. Federation Chairman Erich Messner and Director Michael Gruber thanked those present for their good and close cooperation in this past, eventful year with a small gift, the 2019 Haflinger calendar, to wish everyone a pleasant festive season and happy, exciting New Haflinger Year.

"Horse husbandry today"

Training session in San Genesio/Jenesien

Nicola Metzger provided an in-depth overview of what horses need

11/12/2018 – On 07 December 2018, a training course on how to adequately rear and keep horses was held at the Salto/Salten veterinary clinic in San Genesio/Jenesien. Organised by the South Tyrol consultancy for mountain agriculture (Beratungsring Berglandwirtschaft Südtirol) in cooperation with the Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders, the event was fully booked and met with great interest and a lively contribution by the participants. Drawing from their great expertise, the speakers – Dr Alessandro Botte and Nicola Metzger – expertly outlined a number of topics in their talks.

Dr Botte explained the complex digestive system of horses and the most important aspects to consider in equines diets: the basics of feeding and different feeding systems. Nicola Metzger presented the concept of horse husbandry oriented on the animal's welfare and the pros and cons of different types of stabling. The participants also had a chance to inspect the new veterinary clinic with its state-of-the-art facilities to learn about the significance of a healthy stabling climate with the right fittings and resources.

The session was very well received and provided a great deal of new insights on adequate, animal-friendly horse husbandry.

Aptitude test in San Genesio/Jenesien – outstanding performances
28/11/2018 – On 24 November 2018, three mares completed their aptitude test at the San Genesio/Jenesien equestrian sports arena. The small group excelled in its performance, as judge Michele Toldo described in his evaluation. While VATNE BZ28374 (a Steintänzer D.410733303 offspring owned by Markus Theiner from Malles/Mals) was presented for both the riding and the driving test, UMBRIA BZ28210 (a Winterstern BZ25226 daughter owned by Georg Oberkofler from San Genesio/Jenesien), and ROSALIE BZ26975 (out of Maxl-B BZ24548, owned by Alois Höller from San Genesio/Jenesien) only took part of the driving test for the time being.

VATNE BZ28374 (owner: Markus Theiner from Malles/Mals)    
Horse Riding Driving
Vatne BZ28374 9,07 9,00
Umbria BZ28210 8,56
Rosalie BZ26975 8,28

VATNE BZ28374 in action during her tests

20th St. Leonhard Horse Parade

Record number of horses in Alta Badia


06/11/2018 – The Saint Leonhard Horse Parade in Badia celebrated this year its 20th anniversary, registering an unprecedented number of participating horses. More than 130 steeds took part at the procession, which started in Pedraces and reached the village of San Leonardo.

Press release available in German and in Italian.


Nicola Metzger on the stallion Alpenbue-I

Val Sarentino/Sarnthal Haflinger Breeding Association's typical four-in-hand, led by Jakob Gross with the Haflinger Queen Andrea Aster

Peter Braun (left) and his beautiful mares: V-Biuti PB and V-Bonita PB, the latter ridden by Alois Zöggeler

Official photogallery

Haflinger Foal Championship on 28 October 2018

51 foals examined by a jury of experts

25/10/2018 – On the last weekend of October this year, the 16th edition of the South Tyrolean Foal Championship took place in San Genesio/Jenesien – and for the first time featuring participants from all over Italy.

The event is held in high regard by breeders from near and far as it offers a chance to directly compare the horses available and promotes a culture of exchange and cohesion in the community. And in that same spirit, the decision to open the Championship to breeders from across Italy was welcomed with much enthusiasm – after all, it also provides superb marketing opportunities.

The best colts (overall category): (from left) 4th placed NACHTFÖHN-B (owner: Zita Hillebrand, S. Pancrazio/St. Pankraz) with Katja Müller, 3rd placed WILLIAM-B (owner: Hartmann Zelger, Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen), runner-up ADLERFELS II HU-B (owner: Franz Oberkofler, S. Genesio/Jenesien) with Georg Oberkofler and Italy-winner WIXEN AM-B (owner: Daniela Nicolodi, Isera TN)

The judges' commission was marked by the outstanding teamwork of Italian Haflinger expert Valerio Raschetti, Peter Zöggeler – the breeders' representative for South Tyrol –, and Austrian breeding judge Lothar Zebisch from northern Tyrol. Praise for the event also came from WHBSF President Lukas Scheiber and ANACRHAI President Erich Messner.

The most beautiful fillies (overall category): (from left) 4th placed BAYA HL (owner: Hans Lunger, Carnedo/Karneid) with Simon Lunger, 3rd placed BRITA PB (breeder: Peter Braun, Lana; owner: Matteo Ferrari, Arco TN), runner-up BLONDEGITSCH (owner: Alois Zöggeler, Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern) and winner BEAUTY (owner: Erich Steiner, Lazfons/Latzfons)

WIXEN AM-B TN13273 (owner: Daniela Nicolodi, Isera TN) was chosen as the best colt in the overall category Italy

The winning filly was born in South Tyrol: BEAUTY BZ29523 (owner: Erich Steiner, Lazfons/Latzfons)

The beautiful BEAUTY BZ29523 won the overall category Italy as well

ADLERFELS II HU-B BZ29648 (owner: Franz Oberkofler, S. Genesio/Jenesien), winner in the category South Tyrol (and runner-up in the overall category), with (from right) Georg Oberkofler, the Haflinger Queen Andrea Aster and local mayor Paul Romen

The colt WILLIAM-B BZ29644 (owner: Hartmann Zelger, Nova Ponente/ Deutschnofen) placed 3rd in the overall category and was runner-up in the category South Tyrol


3rd placed filly BRITA PB BZ29458 with (from left) her breeder Peter Braun (Lana), the Haflinger Queen Andrea Aster and her owner Matteo Ferrari (Arco TN)


Photos: Armin Mayr

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