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Haflinger Young Mares' Show and stud book registration

Großer Erfolg für Südtiroler Fahrer
Heidi Marini from Appiano/Eppan was crowned best presenter of the stud book registration

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This year's stud book registration and Young Mares' Show took place from 25 to 28 April 2019 at the Alps Coliseum Equestrian Sports Centre in Egna/Neumarkt. The South Tyrol Young Haflinger and Noriker Breeders' Association took part with their own two categories: 6-9-year olds not in foal and 6-9-year olds in foal or with foal at foot. Our members selected their finest horses for the evaluation, and we are proud to put on record that the young breeders' community has produced some top-quality results, ensuring a sound and solid footing for our future breeding endeavours. But not only the horses were evaluated – the presenter's appearance and demeanour was also under scrutiny: During the ranking process, Sophia Steixner, Chairwoman of the Haflinger Jungzüchterschaft Tirol association – our Tyrolean counterpart –, was in charge of taking a close-up look at our members' approach to presenting their horse and selected the most skilled participants for an award for best presentation.

Young Mares' Show: Best Presenters

1. Tobias Zöggeler, Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern
2. Sabine Stuefer, Renon/Ritten
3. Floriane Auer, San Leonardo/St. Leonhard

6-9-year old mares not in foal

1. TUNDRA BZ27711; Martin Zöggeler (owner: Klaus Zöggeler)
2. RENNI BZ26633; Alexander Mittelberger
3. SAMMY BZ27542; Sabine Stuefer (owner: Rita Mur)
4. SUNSHINE BZ27446; Sandra Telser (owner: Helmut Telser)
5. TWINSTAR BZ27878; Tina Prackwieser

6-9-year old mares in foal or with foal at foot

1. THIANA BZ27593; Alois Zöggeler
2. SAUGITSCH BZ27249; Tobias Zöggeler (owner: Alois Zöggeler)
3. SARAH-BELLA BZ27518; Floriane Auer
4. SHANGRI LA BZ27514; Peter Gruber
5. SAMBA BZ27212; Manuel Gufler

For the fifth consecutive year, the Association Board of Directors also kept a close eye on our members and assessed their presentation skills during the stud book registration. Among the things evaluated and ranked were the presenter's appearance and bearing as well as factors such as tidiness and the correct presentation of the horse in the triangle. On Sunday, as part of the line-up of mares that had been rated first-class, the top three presenters were announced and awarded a small prize.

Stud book registration: Best Presenters

1. Heidi Marini, Appiano/Eppan
2. Tobias Zöggeler, Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern
3. Judith Faller, San Lorenzo/St. Lorenzen

Großer Erfolg für Südtiroler Fahrer
Young Mares' Show – the top presenters from among the young breeders' community (from left): overall winner Tobias Zöggeler from Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern, Alexander Zöggeler, Haflinger Jungzüchterschaft Tirol Chairwoman Sophia Steixner, Sabine Stuefer from Renon/Ritten (second place), Floriane Auer from San Leonardo/St. Leonhard (third place) and Klaus Gufler
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