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Rait de Linert in a fairy-tale winter landscape


More than 100 horses and many breeders from all over South Tyrol took part in last Sunday’s parade honouring St. Leonard, the patron saint of horses, in Badia/Abtei – most of them from the surrounding Ladin-speaking valleys. Magnificently decorated carriages, riders donning traditional costumes and tons of live music made for a marvellous sight framed beautifully by snow-covered Dolomite peaks.

And of course Haflingers, too, were well-represented: One float was entirely dedicated to the big anniversary festival scheduled to take place in Sluderno/Schluderns in June 2024 to mark 150 years of Haflinger breeding. A popular give-away: fresh apples, creatively wrapped to advertise the festival – a huge success.

Photos: Freddy Planinschek

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