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2022 Stud book registration

An all-round success

Stammbuchaufnahme 2022
The best new Haflinger mares (from right): runner-up CHANEL AT BZ29909 (owner: Thomas Alfreider from Corvara), winner C-MEDINA BZ29867 (owner: Christiane Karnutsch from Merano/Meran), CORTINA BZ30101 (3rd place, owner: Simon Dapoz from Badia/Abtei), CAMPIONESSA OK BZ29816 (4th place, owner: Alois Schweigkofler from Renon/Ritten) and CHIARA-FARAH-AZ BZ29969 (5th place, owner: Tobias Zöggeler from Fiè/Völs)

Three whole days at the Alps Coliseum Equestrian Sports Centre in Egna/Neumarkt, streamed live out into the entire world: a fantastic atmosphere, a top team of judges, a well-timed schedule and a festive award ceremony to conclude the weekend – the verdict of the Stud Book Registration of mares born in 2019 could not be better. But this year’s event was not just about breeding: It also featured a character evaluation and a small tournament complete with dressage tests and a Lead Rein class.

Out of a total 38 first-class candidates lined up for the final round on Sunday, C-Medina was crowned Best Haflinger Mare. Sired by Bellissimo-W, this year’s winner is owned by Christiane Karnutsch from Merano/Meran. The runner-up is Chanel AT, presented by Thomas Alfreider from Corvara.
The title of Best Noriker Mare went to Beresina-Babsy, sired by Galvano-Vulkan and presented by Ruben Prugger from Ortisei/St. Ulrich. Tina, sired by Fausto-Vulkan and owned by Johann Frick from Vipiteno/Sterzing, came in second.

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For a detailed report, make sure to check out the next issue of Haflinger Info. But for now: huge congratulations to the many successful breeders who continue to enrich the South Tyrolean Haflinger landscape!

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2022 Stud Book Registration
An all-round success
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