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2022 Haflinger Sports Days

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Trab- und Galopprennen

This year’s Haflinger Sports Days were all about training and learning.

Priska Kelderer, who coordinated the different workshops in cooperation with the Federation, stressed how important it is to create as wide a range of courses and seminars as possible, especially for young people: “The Haflinger in particular is ideal for young riders because the breed’s versatility and willingness to work and perform make it ideal for trying out many different things. So whatever you’re offering in terms of education and training is typically much appreciated – provided that you can get the information out to the right target group.”

In this spirit, Saturday was dedicated to a number of workshops ranging from a 101 of bits to correct saddle posture and trailer training. And on Sunday, the traditional autumn gallop races took the stage together with a trot race.

In short: The experiment of bringing together sports and knowledge was a success – an idea that looks all set to be expanded in the coming years.

Traditional autumn gallop races' results

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Hands-on workshop for Noriker breeders
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