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2022 General Assembly of the Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders​ in Terlano/Terlan

Things are going well!

VVS 2022

At long last and for the first time in two years, the Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders has been able to hold its annual General Assembly in the usual festive setting in Terlano/Terlan – and the atmosphere and mood on the day could not have been better.  
Looking back at the past year, Chairman Dr Erich Messner, Director Michael Gruber and Noriker breeders’ representative Edith Obexer, too, were in the fortunate position of being able to paint a positive picture, concluding that the Federation had managed to carry out all initiatives and events planned for 2021. Plus, the decision to broadcast the events live online has provided a significant increase in visibility for Haflingers and Noriker horses from South Tyrol. 
The numbers, too, are looking good across the board: The population of horses has remained constant for some years now, as have the membership numbers. Demand remains on a high to very high level, and the Federation’s economic situation is on a solid footing. All in all, the conditions to consolidate what has already been achieved and to tackle new projects are ideal.

Among the highlights of the plenary meeting: the honouring of a number of members who have distinguished themselves for their contribution to the breed, namely Johann Spiss, Johann Hafner, Alexander Mittelberger, Paul Gartner and Claudia Nocker; as well as the awards presented for the most successful Haflingers in the categories Sports across the different disciplines and Breeding, i.e. all mares and stallions ranked first-class. A special prize was reserved for the stallions of the 2021 European Haflinger Championships, and of course for the best Haflinger team to compete in the 2019 edition of the Oswald von Wolkenstein medieval agility tournament: Klaus, Alois, Martin and Tobias Zöggeler.

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