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2022 Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts and Stallion Parade

5 February 2022 – Alps Coliseum, Egna/Neumarkt

Haflinger-Hengstkörung 2022
Winner BEST IN SHOW-C BZ30087 (from left, owner: Ferdinand Reiterer, San Genesio/Jenesien) and runner-up BANDOLERO-C BZ30014 (owner: Alois Schweigkofler, Renon/Ritten)
The 25th Italian National Selection of Haflinger Colts and Stallion Parade was an all-round success: beautifully groomed horses presented in a smooth flow of performances, accompanied by expert live commentary and of course streamed live out into the entire world.
On their final round through the arena, the newly licensed stallions – all born in 2019 – were a picture-perfect sight to behold. Among the stunning Haflingers was also an impressive Noriker colt, who was classified in the second highest class of breeding value – much to the delight of breeder Richard Ramoser.
A total of five candidates were awarded the coveted highest class of breeding value. Out of that group, the aptly-named Best in Show-C – sired by Bellissimo out of Q-Tschoena-R and owned by Ferdinand Reiterer from San Genesio/Jenesien – was crowned colt of the year. The runner-up: Bandolero-C, bred by Alois Schweigkofler.



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