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19th South Tyrolean Foal Championship with 2021 Young Horses Championship in Egna/Neumarkt

The best colts (from left): winner BENZ-E BZ30622 (owner: Wolfgang & Berta Wendlinger from Chiusa/Klausen), runner-up WINTERBLITZ-E BZ30961 (owner: Simon Dapoz from Badia/Abtei), STANLEY V. BAUMANN-E BZ30884 (3rd place, owner: Georg Höller from Renon/Ritten), BENGIU-RT-E BZ30715 (4th place, owner: Hans Lunger from Collepietra/Steinegg) and BORIS-E BZ30707 (5th place, owner: Georg Oberkofler from San Genesio/Jenesien)
The most beautiful fillies born in Italy (from left): E–BLUME DEL GARDA TN13363 (3rd place, owner: Renzo Colpo from Mori TN), winner ELINA ROYAL BZ30768 (owner: Brigitte Federspiel from Cermes/Tscherms) and runner-up EILYN BZ30900 (owner: Helmuth Senn from Villandro/Villanders)

On 02 October, the 2021 South Tyrol Foal and Young Horses Championships saw a whopping 74 Haflingers gathered at the Alps Coliseum Equestrian Sports Centre in Egna/Neumarkt. Especially in recent years, this twin championship has managed to establish itself as a top-class breeding event – and particularly so among breeders, who regard it as a key indicator for the status quo and future direction of Haflinger breeding.

This year, a total of 23 young horses were presented:

  • 15 one-year-old and 8 two-year-old mares. Dolivia NR BZ30214 (sired by Nebbiolo-W-R out of Olivia/Amsterdam, bred by Norbert Rier and owned by Anton Stürz from Aldino/Aldein) emerged as the winner of the category of one-year-olds.
  • Cometa-AM TN13302 (sired by Winterstern-O out of Talina-S/Alpenbue-I, bred by Daniela Nicolodi from Isera in Trentino and presented by Andreas Pichler from Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen) won best two-year old.

Incidentally, as the event is also highly regarded in Trentino, some 10 foals from our neighbouring province were presented at this year’s Championships. 
The Foal Championship featured 51 foals: 20 colts and 31 fillies. Having been previously selected in the course of the annual appraisal of foals, they represented a coherently high-quality “crop”:

  • Of the colts, BENZ-E BZ30622 (sired by Blitz-U out of Tina/liz. Sevruga, bred and owned by Wolfgang and Berta Wendlinger from Chiusa/Klausen) was crowned winner of his year.
  • As usual, the fillies were also quite prominently staffed – with Elina Royal BZ30768 (sired by Stelios out of Saphira Royal/Wörthersee-T, owned by Brigitte Federspiel from Cermes/Tscherms) taking home the coveted title.

The audience, following the event both live on site and online via streaming, was rewarded with impressive images: After all, it’s not every day that you get three years’ worth of new Haflingers talents showcased with their top representatives at a single event!

Catalogue             Foals photo gallery          Young Horses photo gallery

Foal Championship's results             Young Horses Championship's results

Photos: Foto Press Arigossi
The best one-year-olds (from left): DOREENA ROYAL BZ30436 (3rd place, owner: Brigitte Federspiel from Cermes/Tscherms), winner DOLIVIA NR BZ30214 (owner: Anton Stürz from Aldino/Aldein) and runner-up DELTA BZ30386 (owner: Sandra Robatscher from Tires/Tiers)
The most beautiful two-year-olds (from right): winner COMETA–AM TN13302 (owner: Andreas Pichler from Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen), runner-up C.SINA-R BZ29846 (owner: Josef Reiterer from San Geensio/Jenesien) and CALIFORNIA BZ29997 (3rd place, owner: Hartmann Zelger from Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen)
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