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Looking for a Haflinger to breed? An athletic partner for equestrian sport tournaments? Or the ideal companion for leisure riding? We work closely with our breeders to find the right horse that perfectly matches your needs.

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C-Lena BR BZ29849

Price: 7.100,00 Euro

C-Lena BR sold


  • Beautiful young Haflinger mare
  • Born 2019, height at withers 150 cm
  • Calm and docile
  • Well-behaved and friendly
  • Well-developed
  • Born at her owner's facility
  • Trained for riding (excursions)
  • Used to be ridden alone as well as with other horses
  • Knows the road traffic
  • Used to be in a herd
  • Covered by the stallion AMOROSSO
  • Sisters:
    • QUESSY BR – 2013 stud book registration runner-up; 2014 South Tyrolean show runner-up; 2015 Haflinger World Show category champion
    • UHU BR – successful in gallop sports
    • ZENZI BR – registered in the stud book with good+

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