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2020 Haflinger Days

Großer Erfolg für Südtiroler Fahrer

1 to 4 October 2020 at the Alps Coliseum

Stud book registration and South Tyrolean Foal Championship

Großer Erfolg für Südtiroler Fahrer

This year, countless events revolving around horses had to be postponed or cancelled – which is why we are excited and positively bristling with anticipation for the upcoming Haflinger Days. 

On the first weekend in October, the Alps Coliseum Equestrian Sports Centre in Egna/Neumarkt will see around 170 three-year old Haflinger mares under close scrutiny, plus this year's prettiest foals. A feast for the eyes that will hopefully make up for some of your patience – and an unbeatable reason to celebrate the 2020 Haflinger Days together with us! 

Preliminary schedule 

  • Thursday 1 and Friday 2 October
    8:00 – 18:00
    presentation of the new Haflinger mares: halter class on hard grounds and in the triangle; running free
  • Saturday 3 October
    9:00 – 16:00
    South Tyrolean Foal Championship and presentation of the new Noriker mares 
  • Sunday 4 October
    9:00 – 14:00
    line-up of mares rated first-class and the winners among the foals; discussion of the results and awards ceremony
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Großer Erfolg für Südtiroler Fahrer

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