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This website is dedicated to the "Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders", i.e. the official breeders' association in the region of origin of the breed. On these pages, we will attempt to explain the enormous success the Haflinger horse has seen in past decades.
This is, however, a rather difficult task, since the success of the Haflinger can be put down to many reasons.



One of these reasons is its undoubtedly unique character, which can be observed in its astonishing willingness to perform and work, as well as its passion for working with humans, all of which make it truly multi-talented.  But without doubt the undeniably appealing looks of this golden chestnut horse with the shiny blond mane have contributed to its great success all over the world. In addition to that, part of it may be due to its absolute reliability, which is however always derived from appropriate breeding and training. But the Haflinger still has a lot more to offer: it is a sporty, athletic, reliable and loyal companion for leisure activities. When it comes to size, it is also a great compromise between a pony and a full-sized horse, which makes it the ideal horse for the whole family, children and adults alike.

The Provincial Federation of South Tyrol Haflinger Horse Breeders aims to promote the breeding, husbandry and use of these versatile horses and endeavours to bring breeding quality to a high standard, in order to establish an important link between tradition and the future.


The Haflinger is an essential part of its region of origin, for which reason it cannot be separated from its heritage.

Since this is where the breed was originated, it is deeply rooted in the culture and tradition of the Alps and their people. Hence, in South Tyrol, the Haflinger is not only a breed amongst many others - it is the alpine breed par excellence.

Due to its conquering charm, unmistakable looks, versatility and absolute reliability, the Haflinger is now an up and coming horse for the whole family and leisure activities all over the world. Those who have seen these golden chestnut horses with their blond locks play and gambol to their heart's content on green mountain pasture, galloping joyfully amongst their herd with the wind blowing through their silky mane and the sun making their coat glisten like gold, will agree that it is a sight never to be forgotten!

This certainly explains why the Haflinger has become intrinsically tied to the image of South Tyrol and its beautiful landscape.

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