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Urania BZ28156

Price: 8.600,00 Euro

Nikka MI11020


  • Very interesting mare for western riders
  • Born 2014, height at withers 150 cm, evaluated IIA (good)
  • Successful at the 2018 European Haflinger Championship in Stadl Paura:
    - gold in Western Horsemanship (young horses)
    - silver in Western Ranch Riding (young horses)
    - bronze in Western Trail horse (young horses)
  • 2018 western aptitude tests
  • Offspring: Campionessa OK (2019 South Tyrol Foal Championship)
  • Well-behaved and willing to work, well suited as performance horse in all gaits, friendly, farrier and trailer meek. Apart from basic training, she has mastered all side gaits, front and hindquarters turns, as well as moving backwards. She also has experience in the western pleasure.
  • Cuddly and clear-headed mare, characteristics which she usually passes to her offspring as well. Uncomplicated and clean in the stall.
  • Available for inspection at any time (in the same stable as her offspring)
  • Currently pregnant (foal not included)

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