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The Haflinger - The breed

A lot has happened in Haflinger breeding since 1874, the year the first Haflinger called Folie was born. In 1904, the first Association of Haflinger Breeders was founded in Mölten/Meltina. This event had a significant impact on the ambitious goal of promoting the breed, and especially on the objective of originating more pure breeds and thus influencing the breed itself.

The desired traits and characteristics of the breed are the folllwing:

Horse of noble appearance and typical medium strength with harmonious, strong and correct physical forms; all functional body parts must be on the right balance. Must be of kind, well-tempered character but sufficiently resolute in temperament and have a good natural disposition for movement as well as a good relation between pace of gait and required effort in terms of energy.

Colour and markings
A Haflinger should be a sorrel in its various nuances, preferably a golden sorrel. The forelock, mane and tail should be of full, long, silky and straight hair, preferentially light in colour. The horse should not have any white markings on the legs.

The head should be light and lean, with a slight depression in the aboral limit of the nasal region, large and flexible nostrils and a distinctive expression.
The throatlatch should be wide and lean, the ears flexible and well-positioned, the eyes lively and expressive with well-traced orbital arches..

The neck should be shaped like a pyramid, not too strongly articulated, of a fitting length and an average inclination (45°). The head should sit lightly on it and the passage to the main body should be harmonious.

The withers should be marked and lean and pass gradually into the back.

The loin should be wide, short and muscular and well connected to the croup.

The croup should be long, wide, muscular and of an average inclination.

The tail should be well-docked and of full, long hair.

The chest should be wide with well articulated muscles. The point of shoulder should extend to inbetween the elbows. When seen from the side, the point of shoulder be well-arched and convex..

Long, sloping, muscular and closely connected to the main body.

Wide, high, deep and with convex, long and slanting ribs.

Well-defined and firm.

Upper arm/thigh
Muscular down to the forearm/gaskin.

The hoof should be well-shaped with a healthy, tough and preferentially pigmented exterior wall.

The limbs should be relatively short with well articulated muscles. The joints should be large and distinct. The forearm should be strong, muscular and larger than the cannon. The hind legs should be very muscular with strong, well-articulated and well positioned hocks. The cannon should be short and lean with well-defined tendons. The fetlocks should be strong and well-aligned. The foundations should be evenly positioned.

The horse should have rhythmic, energetic and swinging gaits, with an ample and hard-working stride. The movements should be regular, with a strong impulsion from the hindquarters.


Data in cm

Height at withers137open end since 02/93
Chest girth165---
Hight at withers137open end since 02/93
Chest girth155---

The following characteristics are not desirable: an excessively lymphatic constitution, an unharmonious main body, a heavy head of crude proportions with long, drooping ears, small eyes and heavy orbital arches, an excessively slender build, flat ribs, incorrect positioning of the foundations, large leg markings (high stocking on one leg, stockings on two legs, half-stockings/socks on three legs or indeed markings on all four legs) and excessively large facial markings, untypical eye colouring (fish eye or blurred white patches, clouds or marks), white patches or excessive roan in the coat as well as a considerable amount of long black hairs in the mane and tail.

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